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By Partnering With The Forge

Your generous donation directly impacts men needing professional Biblical counseling, care, and friendship, regardless of what they can afford. Donations also fund the production and distribution of free leadership training resources for Forge groups, churches, and other like-minded organizations.

Donating to The Forge is simple and quick. Your donation matters and will be put to work immediately, strengthening men and building the Kingdom of God. Monthly recurring commitments significantly impact how many men The Forge can care for. Thank you for considering a gift today!

The Foundry

Members of The Foundry are individuals, businesses, and churches united by a shared vision. They are deeply committed to investing in targeted evangelism, counseling, and discipleship to mold men into steadfast leaders within their homes, families, and broader spheres of influence. These passionate advocates recognize the profound individual and generational benefits of empowering men through genuine friendships and Biblical counsel. Displaying remarkable generosity, Foundry Partners contribute $12,000 or more annually through impact gifts, planned legacy and estate donations, as well as innovative asset contributions.

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