Men Today Need
Wise Counsel

Without wise counsel...where can men find guidance, healing & hope?

Biblical Counseling

In the midst of the questions, troubles, and devasting issues of life, we are here to offer help, healing, and hope. Our biblical counselors have advanced degrees and decades of experience and desire to offer compassionate care and guidance to help resolve difficulties, comfort sorrow, ease pain, and provide guidance for making wise decisions.

What Is Biblical Counseling?

At The Forge, we seek to understand the root of psychological distress and delve into our counselees’ fear, trauma, difficult relationships, childhood, and motivations. We provide comfort and care as we explore ways with our counselees to stop harmful behaviors, addictive patterns, and troubling thoughts. We ask pointed questions, identify patterns, and come alongside our counselees to seek solutions to life’s struggles.

The methodology described above aligns with numerous approaches to counseling since the art asking questions, listening, and drawing conclusions is common to all counseling. So what makes biblical counseling at The Forge “biblical”?

The answer to this question is found by examining the lens used to make observations and draw conclusions. All psychological theories focus on certain techniques to use, questions to ask, and solutions to pursue based on a lens with which the world is viewed. In establishing a specific counseling approach, each theory first assumes answers to fundamental questions about life and the nature of mankind. How a theory answers these questions will unquestionably affect the way counseling is conducted.

  • What motivates people to act the way they do?
  • What is each person’s purpose in life?
  • Who or what defines right and wrong?
  • What are people ultimately responsible for and to whom?
  • What solutions should counseling seek to achieve?
Biblical counseling answers these questions by examining what is communicated by the Creator about human emotions, interactions, and motivations, and by making observations about society that are filtered through the lens of Scripture.
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What issues does The Forge seek to address?
Biblical Counselors at The Forge offer one-on-one biblical counseling to help resolve intense difficulties, comfort sorrow, ease pain, and provide guidance in making wise decisions. Today’s problems vary in intensity and are infinitely complex, and The Forge works to provide hope and help with the difficulties and temptations all men face. We are ready to assist and guide you toward healing, hope, and wholeness that is found in Christ in the midst of:
  • Martial Issues
  • Family Relationship Difficulties
  • Grief
  • Depression
  • Drug Addiction
  • Pornography and Sexual Addiction
  • Anxiety
  • Loneliness
In addition to one-on-one counseling, we promote trusted friendships using activity and meaningful group discussion. We are excited about the opportunity to offer any assistance and care we can. Our approach to compassionate care and wise biblical counsel has provided help to many men. Our desire and prayer is to help you in same way.
How much does it cost?

Our desire to break down barriers preventing men from receiving wise counsel is reflected in the fees we charge for biblical counseling at The Forge. Our session fees are well below standard counseling rates and are structured as follows:

  • Sessions 1 & 2 – $60 total (includes 1 FREE initial intake session)
  • Additional Sessions – $60 per session

We also offer further discounted rates for those who cannot afford these session fees as we do not want cost to prevent anyone from finding care and support. If you desire counseling but cannot afford it at this time, please contact us and we will work with you according to your need. 

Men need other men in their lives. The man without male friendships is the man who not only experiences loneliness, but lacks in capacity for relational growth and outward influence.

Why we do it

We want to point men to Jesus for forgiveness, hope, and help in overcoming sin, personal struggles, fears, and addictions.

Only through Christ, the Wonderful Counselor, can a man truly find healing, purpose, hope, and freedom in his life and relationships. Only in Christ can a man reach his full potential to live with faith, integrity, courage, honor, and compassion and fulfill his roles as a godly husband, caring father, loyal friend, model employee, and dedicated member of his local church.

Biblical Counseling