Cultivating your Calling

When we hear the term “full of the Spirit,” many things come to mind. For example: speaking in languages, powerful messages, and someone who knows the bible well.  However, we rarely associate “being full of the Spirit” with our talents, skills, or craftsmanship to build something. And why should we? Where would that be in the Bible? Well, it is in Exodus 31, and this happened to a man named Bezalel. He used his gift and lived a life full of the Spirit…

“Then the Lord said to Moses: “I chose Bezalel, the son of Uri, son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah, and filled him with the Spirit of God, giving him wisdom, skill, and full artistic capacity to draw and perform works in gold, silver, and bronze, to carve stones, to carve wood, and perform all kinds of handicrafts.” (Exodus 31:1-5)

Bezalel is the first person mentioned to be filled with the Spirit of God. But it doesn’t end there; Bezalel had wisdom, understanding, and knowledge in constructing with various materials. It is one thing to have the ability for a craft, but being able to work with wood and all these different metals is something extremely difficult. None of these elements work in the same way; the tools are different for each one. Bezalel was one of the most talented artisans of his generation. He wasn’t just good; he was an expert.

Taking the call seriously

Bezalel may have been filled with the Spirit of God to do this job, but he still had to develop those skills for a good period of time to be able to use them with aptitude and precision. He had to choose, in fact, to develop what God had put in him. He could have simply said: “I know I can be a craftsman, but I’m going to do something else.” Thank God, this was not the posture of his heart.

The Lord called him and filled him with His Spirit, and Bezalel sought his gift and developed into a man unparalleled in his generation, who was used to first build the tent of the meeting, the ark of the covenant, and all the elements of the interior of the temple.

Bezalel knew one thing: what he was called to do. He took it seriously and worked and practiced so much that he became the best in the world, capable of building what God wanted to build. He was the one of whom God said: “I want Bezalel to build the temple.” The understanding he had of his talents and the wisdom to perfect them made him creative and qualified.

Many people are limiting the work of the Spirit today to a religious activity or mechanisms within the institution of the Church. We are not seeing the full meaning of being filled with the Spirit of God. We don’t see our talents or abilities affecting the world, so we don’t take them seriously, and we don’t become excellent in them. Furthermore, we do not understand how God wants us to use the works of our hands for His glory.

Is the Spirit of God in your work?

Bezalel was a normal person who was in the marketplace working hard every day. Every day he did his best job and took himself and his work seriously. In the same way that this man found his identity in God, he found God in his work. When the time to be commissioned to build the temple came, he was a vessel prepared to be used by God.

Have you ever observed a skilled man in your work? He will be promoted to the real service; he will not work for obscure people. (Pv 22:29)

Is the Spirit of God in your work? Are you allowing God to flow through your mind and the work of your hands from Monday to Friday? Are you doing your job with excellence? If not, maybe you still don’t understand how God wants to impact society with your life. From the beginning, all He wanted was to work in partnership with the crown of creation, you. He wants to raise workers to be before kings with the excellence of their skills cultivated in secret places. God really desires his greatness; the question is, do we desire the greatness that God has for us?

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